The Ferret Giving Tree 2016

Please meet some of the wonderful shelter ferrets that need your help to have a happy Holiday Season!
Click on their picture to get to know them a little more personally.  Each one has his or her own
story to tell. These kids are living in the safety of a shelter, where many will stay until their time
for the bridge comes. Some are elderly and not considered adoptable while some, due to behaviour problems
may not get a home until someone can take the time to teach them how to behave correctly.
Shelter Moms and Dads love these kids, but can only give so much since they have so many they must care for.
Please choose a Ferret this year that you can play Santa to. Even the smallest of gifts can
mean the world to these special little ones.  Give them an extra joyous holiday this year.

There will be a Ferret Santa Form link on each page.  Just click on it to fill out
the form, click submit and you're done! That's all there is to it, so don't hesitate,
fill out the form and make a special Ferret's Christmas wish come true.

Shelter Registration is open from October 15, 2016 to November 30, 2016.
Ferrets will be posted on the tree between October 15, 2016 and December 15, 2016.
Santas can start picking from the tree on November 1, 2016.
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Select a Shelter below to display their ferrets only:

Ferrets waiting for a Santa = 131
Ferrets with a Santa = 0
Ferrets who crossed the Rainbow Bridge = 0
Ferrets housed in these Shelters = 954

Shelters, please REGISTER HERE to setup an account that you can
use to enter your Ferrets to be displayed on the tree.

If you have any questions, please feel free to CONTACT US.

To shop for Giving Tree wishes, you may want to stop at the Ferret Shelters Directory. It provides information about many of the Ferret Rescues and Shelters on the Tree and lists shelters that support themselves by selling ferret items. Help two shelters: shop at one to give to a ferret at another!
Another shopping option is the Facebook group Ferret Giving Tree Gift Ideas 2016! Please feel free to join this group to help make your Giving Tree Shopping faster and easier!

Giving Tree History

Ferret Placeholder Image courtesy of AlliePets.

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