Casper Casper is a lovely if sometimes slow little guy. Not always the brightest bulb of the bunch but a very sweet little guy just the same. He also came here from St. Louis, MO with Kena and Kimi. He was the main reason that they came into the shelter. He had been diagnosed with insulinoma and put on meds, the vet bills were high and the meds costly for college students and they were thinking of putting him to sleep as they could not afford the meds he needed and did not want him to suffer. They drove all 3 of them here to the shelter and we took them to the vet immediately to get him back on pred as he had been without for several days and we were very worried about his blood sugar.

He definitely has insulinoma. The vet says he is also suffering from cataracts and he has also needed to have a couple of small tumors removed in the last couple of months. He is on pred and gets soup twice a day, he eats the soup with his meds very well and he is doing quite well now that he gets his meds regularly. He does sleep a lot, with his health issues and age he seems to need quite a bit of sleep. He does like to cuddle up with with his friend Ty in a cardboard box that they both like and they will sleep the day away together.

Casper loves to play in his ball pit, jumping around and having a blast in there is one of his absolute favorite things, though he sometimes has trouble finding his way out of the pit and needs help. He also likes to burrow under bankies and pads, tunneling around the room under everything he can.
Any sleep sacks, blankies and playmats are perfect for him, he will eat most treats and ferret food.

Here is a list of items that the shelter can always use as we go through lots of these:

Carnivore care
Chicken baby food
N-Bones especially bacon & salmon flavors
Uncle Jims Duk soup
Potty pads
Paper towels
Wysong ferret epigen 90
Marshalls Ferret Food
Natural Gold ferret food
Evo cat & kitten chicken food
Nutro Kitten food
Bene-Bac probiotic paste/gel 15g syringe tubes & powder from Fosters and Smith
Sams gift card for papertowels and potty pads
Bandit treats any flavor
Gift cards for Pet Supplies Plus, Wal-Mart and Dr. Foster and Smith
Pickle Juice ferret oil
Please Send Gifts to:
Forget-Me-Not-Ferrets of Alexandria, MO

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Sue Sculley
Advanced Veterinary Care
8915 US 36
Hannibal MO USA 63401

Casper has a Santa.


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