Foxy Hi Santas, My name is Foxy. I am greatful to be here for my second Christmas. I spend most days sleeping in a nice deep cat/dog bed with my friends. Adrenal Disease is kicking my butt lately though. I need another implant but dread the pain. Most days are pretty good but Shelter Mom is worried about the scar tissue where my previous tumor on my leg was. She says I need to go in soon and have another Xray (sigh). I just want to sleep. I love the daily soup times and my Drs Foster and Smith ferret diet. I would be greatful for more soup and perhaps a new sleep sack. I gave mine to Swiper - he needed it more. Poor kid is very insecure. But that is what we do as we age, give to the kids. Thank you Santas for all you do, Love Foxy.
Our shelter is always in need of the following: Foods - 8in1Ultimate, Zupreem, Totally Ferret TVL, Drs Foster and Smith, Nature's Variety (cat food) Raw Boost or LID (Chicken or Rabbit), Marshalls; Most of our cages are Ferret Nation cages so hammocks for those, fleece blankets; Incontinant pads for humans or puppy pads; Ferretone; Marshalls Bandit Treats; NBones Chicken or Salmon; and of course crochet eggs and crinkle balls. We appreciate anything you are able to send. Thank you
Please Send Gifts to:
Sammys Clubhouse Spokane Ferret Rescue
Our shelter is open to all ferrets in need, be they still with their owners or needing us to step in. We have had a huge influx of ferrets this year and low adoptions. We are in need of food, puppy pads and veterinary funds. Paypal is We accept checks made out to Sammy's Clubhouse and have an account at Numerica in Spokane Valley.
Gift Cards to Petco/Petsmart or E-Gift Cards from Drs Foster and Smith or Amazon are greatly appreciated.
Veterinarian is Mt. Empire Vet Svcs - PH#509-922-6191.
Mailing address is Sammy's Clubhouse, 423 South Bowdish Road, Spokane Valley, WA 99206.
Thank you for being a Santa
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Julia Leese
Mt. Empire Veterinary Clinic
12619 E. Sprague Avenue
Spokane Valley WA US 99206
Not only does our vet provide a discount to our rescue, she runs one for cats and dogs! She has been indispensable throughout the years. You can make donations directly to our account at the Vet. Implants are $50. Their phone number is 509-922-6191.

Foxy has a Santa.


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