Jill (Jillybean)
Jill (Jillybean) Jill has an amazing coat of browns, blacks, yellows and white. I like that some call her coat Variegated.
She came to us with Jack who used to try and get her to play all the time but she is a very serious girl. He caused her to have a sore back and it has taken a long time to get her to trust us when we pick her up. She also trained her former household by nipping them to get them to leave her alone. She had been fed pizza, cat food and miscellaneous junk food before one lady went to "rescue" her and Jack. But that gal had nowhere to go with them. Except mom and dad's house which had two ferrets who already hated each other. Her parents quickly found out that they could not handle all the fighting and connected with us. We are greatful to them for this.

Jill no longer lives with Jack. He has Adrenal Disease and that is why he kept "going after" Jill. She now lives with several calmer boys by the name of Billy, Thor and King Charles. They do not try and make her play. All they want is to snuggle with her.

Jill's favorite treat is the Nbone chicken flavor. She gets Marshalls Uncle Jim Duk soup weekly. She also loves fleece blankets to snuggle with her boys.

Foods we feed: Zupreem, 8in1 Ultimate, Nature's Variety Rabbit, Totally Ferret TVL, Marshalls standard diet and sometimes we get Blue Buffalo or Wellness CORE mixed in, just a little.

Thank you for supporting our shelter.

Vet - Mtn Empire Veterinary Services, 12619 E. Sprague, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, 509-922-6191

Mailing address: Sammy's Clubhouse Ferret Rescue, 423 South Bowdish Road, Spokane Valley WA 99206

PayPal: pattattack@netzero.com
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Sammys Clubhouse Spokane Ferret Rescue
We are a nonprofit dedicated to the education of prospective owners and current owners of ferrets. We also rescue and work to rehabilitate behavioral and sick ferrets along with finding homes for unwanted or "kicked out of their homes" ferrets. We are considered a no-kill shelter as we do not put to sleep current residents to make room for more. We cannot save them all but for those that are terminal, we are able to provide a loving, safe, pain-free last days.

We feed Zupreem (regular), 8in1 Ultimate, Totally Ferret TVL, Marshalls (any version), Nature's Variety rabbit, Wellness CORE chicken, Blue Buffalo chicken and will use just about anything in our mix. We use a lot of Ferretone and Marshalls treats (all flavors). We do not feed Ferrevite/Furovite nor Yogies - too much sugar.
We use large amounts of puppy/incontinent pads and Walgreens brand wipes. Gift certificates are greatly appreciated for Walgreens, Petco or Petsmart or other stores in our area.

Physical/mailing address: 423 South Bowdish Road, Spokane Valley WA 99206

Paypal pattattack@netzero.com
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Julia Leese
Mountain Empire Veterinary Services
12619 East Sprague
Spokane Valley WA US 99216
Small clinic serving small and large animals.

Jill (Jillybean) has a Santa.


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