Riku Riku is our famous shelter poster ferret. Being surrendered deathly ill, he was unable to move. He had to be force fed, flipped every hour, and put on an ice pack due to a persistent high fever. We did not give up on this ferret, and it took a year to rehabilitate him after he recovered from his illness. Intensive physical therapy in the backyard pool, encouraging him to play with toys and trying to pique his interest in crinkle sacks and other fun and interactive ferret items, this ferret was quite a challenge! We never knew what was wrong with Riku, and he is now kept in a separate environment away from the shelter, but he enjoys playtime with a group of ferrets that include several girls who can't get enough of him! They clean his ears and encourage him to play! He is now a happy, healthy, playful ferret who enjoys hanging out with his friends - but he prefers to run around the house with our little 10-lb. Pomeranian, who took care of him while he was recuperating. Riku is living proof that miracles can happen. GO RIKU!
Please Send Gifts to:
Angel Ferret Shelter Services, Inc.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Kimberli Johnson
American Pet Hospital
3879 E. Sunset Road
Las Vegas Nevada United States 89120

Riku has a Santa.


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