Agnes Spitfire
Agnes Spitfire :::::::panting::::::: Hi I’m Agnes “Spitfire” cause I keep going like the battery bunny. I am about 6-7 yrs old, blind, deaf, adrenal ---but it doesn’t slow me down!!! I was found by a sweet lady who took me to Auburn Humane Society and they called momma ferret. I enjoy playing in the tubes because I feel safe, but I will check the whole recess area out to see if I missed anything. I also LOVE momma ferrets' soup.

Because of our transition to health issue/hospice care ferrets, our needs lean heavier on meds and vet care.

We use Totally Ferret Active, Totally Ferret Turkey, Lamb, Venison, Totally Ferret Complete, Marshalls Chicken, 8 in 1, Mazuri Ferret Food.

The Freeway tubes are soooo loved by most all the ferrets. They also enjoy the crocheted eggs, soft toys and toys that light up or make noise. Some of our hospice ferrets I know really love those soft blankees and/or soft sleepsacks. Treats we use are: N-bones, 8 in 1 soft ferret food, chew weasles.

For some of our disabled, the Ferret Hills and Dales (made by Cindy & Tom Scheidt) would be such a blessing and soooooo appreciated.

Always needed: Chicken, Olive Oil, Ferretvite, Ear Cleaner, Syringes, Healx, toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Q-tips, CEN Toothpaste (poultry flavored), Potty pellets, Childrens Benadryl, Famotidine. Gift cards for these items are always appreciated and needed.

Our hearts are so grateful for all of you Santas. Your love and caring means better ferret care and less stress on “momma ferret”. You are appreciated.
Please Send Gifts to:
Denise's Delightful Dookers Ferret Rescue
We have transitioned to caring for those ferrets with health issues or hospice needs.
Shelter address: 1810 K St SE Auburn, WA
Phone # 253-797-9115
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Julie Brazeau
Covington Animal Hospital
27045 174th Pl SE
Covington WA USA 98042
Covington Animal Hospital Phone # 253-631-8616 File #9277

Agnes Spitfire has a Santa.


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