Edwina – 6 years old
Edwina – 6 years old Edwina is Bricetta’s cage mate and she has an enlarged spleen but because of her age it would be too risky for her to have surgery to get it removed. It doesn’t seem to hurt her and she doesn’t act like she even notices it’s there. She and her cage mate did not come in together but now that they are Edwina wouldn’t rather be with anyone else in the world. Bricetta does a good job at keeping Edwina young and playful and together they have become quite a comical pair. They enjoy dancing and hopping and really love a good head scratch.
Edwina likes a little liquid milk thistle in her food and she also enjoys some carnivore care just to be on the safe side. She does like to dance and would love a toy that made noise or maybe even one that could play music. Her favorite toys are actually activity mats made for babies that have toys dangling from them.
Please Send Gifts to:
Ann's Ferret Shelter & Adoption
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Brian Biddle
Town & Country Vet
490 Tucker Dr
Maysville KY United States 41056

Edwina – 6 years old has a Santa.


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