Sophia – 1 ˝ years old
Sophia – 1 ˝ years old Sophia is a very young little girl. She came from a pet store who couldn’t sell her since she was a biter. She quickly made friends with one of our older residents named Jelly. Jelly took her in and mothered her which really helped Sophia adjust to shelter life. When Jelly passed away it really took a toll on Sophia as well as everyone here at the shelter. We would like to say that we trained Sophia to quit biting but most of the credit should go to Jelly for getting Sophia to calm down and realize no one was going to hurt her. When Sophia started to loose hair she was taken to the vet and was diagnosed with Adrenal disease at a year old. Sadly that means that Sophia will never be adopted out and will live out her years here at the shelter, but it isn’t all bad. She learned not to bite, she gets out every day to play, and she knows everyone here loves her very much.
Sophia is only one and a half years old and even though she is Adrenal she still likes to act like a kit. She enjoys climbing and would like some carpeted furniture to play on. She also likes to hide toys but especially tennis balls and crocheted eggs, and even though she has stopped biting she never says no to some chew sticks.
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Sophia – 1 ˝ years old has a Santa.


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