Eurik – 4 years old
Eurik – 4 years old Eurik was adopted out about two years ago to a young couple who had a baby ferret named Zelda that needed a friend. Even though Zelda wasn’t yet fully grown Eurik, who is a giant boy, kept up with her all day playing and snuggled down with her every night. He made it his job to make sure she was safe. When Zelda passed away unexpectedly her owners decided there was just too much heartache involved with ferret’s short lifespan so they decided to return Eurik. Since then Eurik has made friends with two other babies and, while he still misses Zelda, he has moved on to make sure his cage mates are safe and sound under his watch.
Eurik is a big fluff ball. He is very proud of his snowy coat and likes to keep it clean. He would love some ferret-lax just to keep him healthy with all that grooming, and we here at the shelter wouldn’t mind some paper towels to help with the cleanup that comes along with his ferret-lax. Also, Eurik is a little younger than his cage mates and he wouldn’t mind having some toys that can play back with him since his cage mates aren’t very enthusiastic about it.
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Eurik – 4 years old has a Santa.


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