Minda – 4 years old
Minda – 4 years old Minda has had things pretty hard in her short life. She wasn’t even two years old when her owner threw her out of his window simply because he didn’t want her anymore. When she was thrown it broke her leg so bad that the bone was sticking out of the skin. A neighbor saw it happen and decided to keep her. After two weeks of watching her drag around her right leg and after letting get open sores she decided to just give Minda to the dog pound knowing that the pound would put her to sleep. Instead of putting her to sleep they called us and by the time we got her the leg had already healed incorrectly, however, we were able to clear up her sores. Her leg is permanently disfigured but she doesn’t let it bother her and has even found a friend.
Despite Minda’s leg being disfigured she has really taken an interest in climbing. She likes any kind of toy or carpeted furniture she can climb on and loves escaping from anywhere she can. She has put quite a dent in her metal play gate and while she doesn’t seem to mind we here at the shelter think she could use another one.
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Minda – 4 years old has a Santa.


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