Macaroni – 5 years old
Macaroni – 5 years old Macaroni is just one part of a group of five ferrets that all came in together. Although he loves his brothers and sisters he has a hard time keeping up with them since they are all younger than him. He did have one cage mate that went at just the right pace for him but sadly his sister Ava passed away shortly after arriving at the shelter. Macaroni does not like change and has had a really tough time adjusting to Ava’s passing. To make matters worse for poor Macaroni he has no vision at all in his right eye and startles easily.
Macaroni is a big boy and loves his food. Actually, he loves everyone’s food not just his own. He will eat anything that is put in front of him and anything he can steal to eat from his cage mates. Nothing makes him happier than getting his head rubbed while munching down on some Bandit treats. For his main food Macaroni gets Zupreem mixed with Totally Ferret. It’s not that he’s picky about one or the other we just mix them here at the shelter so that he doesn’t get too attached to one or the other because, like we said, he really doesn’t like change.
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Ann's Ferret Shelter & Adoption
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Macaroni – 5 years old has a Santa.


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