Frances 1 yr ol Frances came into the shelter with biteing issues a few months ago. She was very antisocial but it doing better except for her biting problem. She even knows how to draw blood! We don't know the whole story on her being surrenderd to us except she does not like you near her face even to try and give or get a kiss from her. She is in need of her own Hammy and sleep sack with bright dark colors seem like she has an eye site problem and were trying to save up enough money to take her to a Specialist Doctor in Tulsa that does neurological problems as she has tremors at times. Whe loves Aunt Susan Jones Pickle juice and we're in need of A/D and anything to help her to keep the weight on. Any kind of gift cards for Target or Walmart for q-tips and ear cleaner due to she has alot of ear draining at times, we have had her ears checked over a couple times but no ear mites. I'm thinking she might have bite a child or adult and was thrown or hit in face/head is why she is doing what she's doing. She would love to have a sponsor to help her thru to help care for her needs.
Please Send Gifts to:
Arkansas Ferret Rescue for Hospice and Sp Needs
Most of the ferrets are old and Hospice or sp needs.. Member of the Support Our Shelters and AFA for 15 Plus yrs..
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Bradly Lyon
Lyon Veterinary Hospital
5782 W Sunset
Springdale Arkansas U.S.A. 72762

Frances has a Santa.


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