Tank I am affectionately known as Ol Man Tank. I spent the first 7 years of my life in a barren wire cage so all my toes are crippled. I have insulinoma & am also adrenal. But I am lucky I was rescued by my shelter mommy who loves me very much and I am now nearly 9 years old.

I love to curl up in sleep sacks, but what I really need this year is a new plush toy to cuddle with. I like ones that are the size of a ferret & cuddly. Mine has been washed so much it is falling apart.
I also desperately need some new metal Stainless Steel Feed Cups, Duk Soup or a new Marshal Alligator or Marshal Octopus to play & sleep in.

All of us here eat Orijen Cat/Kitten & Doctor Fosters & Smith Premium Ferret Diet

Gift vouchers for Walmart, Petco, Ferret.com or Doctor Fosters & Smith (Our shelter mommy promises to show the receipts for the potty pads/food)

The shelter can always use
Paper Towels, Cleaners, Marshalls Duk Soup, Beechnut Turkey Baby Food, Ferret Nation Cages or Litter Boxes
Please Send Gifts to:
Beacon Of Hope Ferret Haven
Beacon Of Hope is a Haven, many of the babies here are unadoptable due to abuse suffered or medical conditions
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Kathryn Krueger
All Creatures Animal Hospital
4241 State Highway 3 W
Bremerton Washington United States Of America 98312
Account Name is under Steven & Marina Ray

Tank has a Santa.


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