Misty Hi everyone!
My name is Misty and I'm about 4 years old. My family was unable to give us the time we needed so we got to come to the Ferret Manor Rescue. I love hiding toys from the other ferrets and we could use some new tubes to run and play in. I like Chicken Bandits and N Bones for my treats. I like to sleep in the hammocks and sleep sacks in my ferret nation cage. I would also like if Santa could send me some hanging toys for inside the cage for me to play with. Thank you!
Please Send Gifts to:
The Ferret Manor
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Susan Seman
Hartville Vet Clinic
425 Kent Ave NE
Hartville Ohio Usa 44632
The account is under Jill Combs

Misty has a Santa.


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