Snowball Snowball’s former owners kept her caged most of her young life and didn’t pay attention to her once the newness wore off. She needed enrichment, something her owners didn’t understand. She was rescued by a lady that couldn’t stand to see her treated like a hamster. She learned to be a ferret again & is catching up on mischief!
Snowball can rock and tumble anything within reach in record time. She loves to climb and jump – which often gets her into situations. She can stand up to the largest ferret in the group & tackle him, using the element of surprise.
Snowball needs a Secret-Santa to love & think of her. She’ll love you back (but put all breakables away! LOL)

Wish List: Bandits Treats, Chicken Chew Sticks, Ferretvite, Ferret-Freeway Tubes, Soft Bedding, towels, Ferret Food (Totally Ferret, 8-in-1 Ultimate, 8-in-1 Ultra, Mazuri), Gift cards for ferret goodies or shelter supplies.
Please Send Gifts to:
West Coast Ferrets
Please contact us before sending presents
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Marc Malek
Foothill Farms Veterinary Hospital
4807 Auburn Boulevard
Sacramento CA USA 95841

Snowball has a Santa.


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