Patti Cake
Patti Cake Guess you are wondering why I have this name. My shelter Mom gave it to me when my brothers, sister and I all came to live here. When I sleep I put my paws together like I am clapping my hands. So Mom tells me it's like playing Patti Cake. I like it better than what I came with. Like my shelter Mom said in my brother's bio, our owner just left us. Her room mates didn't know how to care for us, so we came to live here. Like my brothers and sister, I am about 8 months old and a silver mitt (I think).

Our owner didn't take good care of us, so we came with some bad habits. We are slowly learning to use the litter box and not play in it. I like pitching the food out of the bowl. But I am getting so much better! I would like Santa to bring me a couple of new dream circles so we can snuggle together. Plus lots of Ferretone. Boy is that some good stuff. We eat Totally Ferret food from Ms. Liz.

Gift cards are really good. Tractor Supply for litter and Wal Mart for q-tips and paper towels and cage cleaning supplies. Also Amazon, Target and Jo Ann's Fabric. Mom makes all of our bedding for the cage.

Thank you for reading about me and Merry Christmas.
Please Send Gifts to:
Fuzzy Follies Ferret Rescue/Shelter

Most of our babies are hospice and people want "young" ferrerts.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. J. Jones
Auburndale Veterinary Clinic
555 Bridgers Ave.
Auburndale Florida USA 33823

Patti Cake has a Santa.


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