Mister Before coming to us, he was in his 3rd home in six months. Owner before the rescue said she could not care for him after she was in a car accident but had previously spoken to us about his obsessive itching. And no, she never took him to the vet like I asked. When he arrived he had hardly any hair between his shoulder blades, long nails and scratches all over his skin. Easy fix with nails to stop destroying his skin. One steriod shot later and the itching is gone and hair regrowth started.
Mister has fallen in love with a couple other permanent residents so he loves bouncing all over with the other sables!
Recently he had major surgery with his spleen and an adrenal tumor removed. He has bounced right back and is back to his giggly dooky self. We do worry he might be going blind but with his best friends he should do fine.
Mister has written this for his Santa:
I love duck soup (Duk soup, Nupro and especially Dook Soup from Southshore Ferret Care), Ferretone, treats (Bandits soft and crunchy...sparingly on the soft ones - mom is sooooo strict!) and especially N-bones.
I love to cuddle up with the other ferrets in soft fuzzy blankets, sleep sacks and hammocks.
I could use a sponsor for my medical treatments. Mom says I need an implant soon - I was hoping not - that needle is AWFUL!
Thank you Santa
Please Send Gifts to:
Sammy's Clubhouse, Spokane Ferret Rescue and Education
We are Sammy's Clubhouse, Spokane Ferret Rescue and Education. First and foremost is education. We have ferrets for adoption and also have some in a sanctuary setup.

We are always looking for sponsors for any of the ferrets in the rescue.
A sponsor or donator can send items directly to us such as those on this list or gift certificates at Petco (we get a discount!), Petsmart or petsupplies dot com or ferret dot com.
Or even send funds directly to our vet,
Mountain Empire Veterinary Services
12619 E Sprague Ave Spokane Valley, WA 99216
Phone: (509) 922-6191
Fax: (509) 922-6366.

Items we use: Melatonin implants, Lupron shots, Zupreem Ferret Food, 8in1 Ultimate Ferret Food, Petsmart All Living Things Ferret Food, FROMM Game Bird Cat formula (dry), Orijen Adult Cat and Kitten, Acana Wild Prairie, Totally Ferret Food (show or TVL), Blue Buffalo cat - anything but senior or weight management, Blue Buffalo cat Wilderness brand,Wellness CORE cat/kitten food, Marshall brand treats - any flavor, 8in1 ferret treats - any flavor except yogies (too much sugar), 8in1 Ferretone or Cat Salmon oil, Puppy pads or incontinence pads - any size, old fleece bed sheets, small blankets, towels or other cloth items to be used for the ferrets to snuggle in, wood stove pellets - fir only (we have pine allergies in the home) or pelleted cat litter, food or water dishes that attach to the cages, large bags of rice or pinto beans for them to play in once put into a tub, Used or new cages to be used in within the rescue or sold to bring in funds, hammocks - store bought or homemade.
Every little bit helps. Thank you
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Julia Leese
Mountain Empire Veterinary Services
12619 E Sprague Ave Ste 1 and 2
Spokane Valley WA US 99216
Also runs a shelter called Julia's Jungle and provides discounts to all shelters.

Mister has a Santa.


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