Vera Vera is a sweet 5-6 year old girl.
Her and her cage-mate came to FURS due to family changes.
When she first came to us, she became very stressed. She needed sub Q fluids to keep her hydrated because of her constant tummy troubles.
Once her and her cage-mate became more comfortable and realized they would be taken care of, they got much better.
FURS would never want to put a ferret at risk and that is why Vera and her cage-mate will remain in their FURS foster home where they are most comfortable.
They will be loved and cared for the rest of their lives.

Vera loves cuddle cups, FerretTone, Yogies ferret treats and bouncy ball toys.

**All FURS ferrets eat a mix of Sheppard and Greene, Zupreem, and EVO ferret food. Also Wellness CORE cat food and Blue Buffalo Kitten food (Chicken or Duck)
We use Yesterdays News litter and "Goodbye Oder" for ferrets supplement. We also use paper towels and wipes for cleanup. For picky eaters or ferrets who need additional supplements we can always use gift cards to pet stores.**
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferrets Unlimited Rescue Services
Ferrets Unlimited has been rescuing ferrets since approximately 1993.

We do not ship ferrets, nor do we breed.

We rescued a large number of ferrets over the years. Some loved, some abused, some from homes where the former owner had no clue on care, but purchased the animal on impulse. We are dedicated to finding loving, caring homes for every ferret.

All ferrets are spayed or neutered BEFORE adoption.

We turn no ferret away, no matter the health, age, or lack of training. Medical needs are met, and manners are taught. There are times when we are full and have a waiting list to be turned in.

We believe that educating the potential pet owner is one of the most crucial things a rescue organization can do. This applies to both ferret rescues and other animal organizations. An educated pet owner can provide a safer, happier, and healthier environment for their pet, thus making both the pet and themselves a good match.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Krupka
Avon Lake Animal Clinic
124 Miller Road
Avon Lake Ohio United States 44012

Vera has a Santa.


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