Basil Date Admitted: 10-18-14 #7411 Basil and #7410 Oregano. Basil is a 7 month old Sable Female (darker nose) and Oregano is a 7 month old Sable Point Male (lighter nose). We were given up because our owner were allergic to us. :-( They are both very active and can be found playing most the time, even in their cage, but they both love to have their bellies scratched.

The GCFA has the following wish list:

Melatonin Implants
Canned Evo- Cat 95% Turkey/Chicken
Cash Donations
Wood 'Stove' Pellets (Menard's)
Menard's gift card
Paper Towels
Accell TB Cleaning Concentrate Solution
Accell TB Cleaning Wipes
Bedding Material - thin fleece
Donations for Suprelorin F (deslorelin acetate) implant for treating adrenal disease
Marshall's ferret food
Totally Ferret food - We use the Complete and Turkey Formula.
If you wish to use your credit cards to do so, please contact:
Liz Lovins at 1-877-545-5462 and tell her you wish to donate directly to the GCFA shelter's food account.
Totally Ferret has gift cards too.
If you are interested in using a check or money order, please make it out to Performance Foods, note the GCFA's account #50ILG0590, and send it to Liz Lovins at the below address:
Liz Lovins
Performance Foods
575 Burbank Suite H
Broomfield CO, 80021
Order direct from internet @
Please Send Gifts to:
Greater Chicago Ferret Association

Basil has a Santa.


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