Tonka I came to the shelter 4 years ago so I am 4.5 years old now. The previous owner gave us up to a friend of momma ferret and we came here....cause he was in an apartment and they didn't allow ferrets. Now, I am in a huge cage with 12 other ferrets. By the way I AM the quiet alpha and I do a very good job keeping others in line. I have developed insulinoma and have a heart issue but I still take care of my duties and have fun!!!

Kibble for eating and soup: Totally Ferret Active, TF Turkey, Lamb, Venison, TF Complete; Marshall’s Chicken and regular; Wysong – if available; Mazuri; ZuPreem-regular if available.
Soup ingredients: Kibble---same as above; Ferretvite, Salmon oil, Vivify, Olive Oil, and Whole Chickens (I boil and debone them).
Because we operate a hospice for ferrets, our food bill and vet bill is out of this world. Thank you for your kindness, caring and donation for these precious furbabies.
Please Send Gifts to:
Denise's Delightful Dookers Ferret Rescue
Food: Totally Ferret (3), Marshalls, Mazuri, Wysong, sometimes Zupreem. I make a mixture and they love it.\r\nDonations to Totally Ferret and Dr Carter appreciated.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Holly Carter
Evergreen Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital
12930 NE 125th Way B130
Kirkland WA USA 98034
Phone: (425) 821 6165

Tonka has a Santa.


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