Leila Date Admitted: 8-19-14 #7209 Leila & #7346 Twinkie. Leila is a 1 yr old Chocolate Female and Twinkie is a 7 month old Sable Male. Twinkie's previous Mom was very sad to have to give Twinkie and Leila up, but she is going through a divorce and is unable to find a new home that accepts ferrets.

The GCFA has the following wish list:

Melatonin Implants
Canned Evo- Cat 95% Turkey/Chicken
Cash Donations
Wood 'Stove' Pellets (Menard's)
Menard's gift card
Paper Towels
Accell TB Cleaning Concentrate Solution
Accell TB Cleaning Wipes
Bedding Material - thin fleece
Donations for Suprelorin F (deslorelin acetate) implant for treating adrenal disease
Marshall's ferret food
Totally Ferret food - We use the Complete and Turkey Formula.
If you wish to use your credit cards to do so, please contact:
Liz Lovins at 1-877-545-5462 and tell her you wish to donate directly to the GCFA shelter's food account.
Totally Ferret has gift cards too.
If you are interested in using a check or money order, please make it out to Performance Foods, note the GCFA's account #50ILG0590, and send it to Liz Lovins at the below address:
Liz Lovins
Performance Foods
575 Burbank Suite H
Broomfield CO, 80021
Order direct from internet @ performancefoodsinc.net
Please Send Gifts to:
Greater Chicago Ferret Association

Leila has a Santa.


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