Gizmo Gizmo is one of our permanent fosters. He was beaten up by his original owners when he was a kit, apparently for nipping, and his back was damaged. Gizmo has regained much of the use of his hind end and legs however his back half still gets ahead of him and looks like it has a mind of its own at times.

We are not sure how long Gizmo will retain use of his hind end, or what the long term results of his abuse will be however with plenty of exercise and a good, high protein diet, Gizmo is doing well. He is as playful and bouncy as any ferret... and he makes a point of skidding into his foster ferrent's feet when he is excited to see them and want their attention.

For Christmas, Gizmo would really appreciate some freeze dried Stella and Chewies - he likes the chicken, duck and turkey cat niblets, as well as the freeze dried rabbit disks that can sometimes be found. Gizmo also LOVES his soupies and says that they are the BEST with Wysong's Rabbit Au Jus canned food. Unfortunately, Wysong's Rabbit Au Jus is now hard to come by lately since his favourite pet food store - the one that carried Wysong - shut down last winter so he says that he would really appreciate it if someone could send a few cans his way. Gizmo says that he likes Salmon Oil and N-bones, as well as meat flavoured bandits for treats, and that he also does eat kibble and right now he eats Go! Fit and Free, Wysong Epigen 90 and Orijen cat/ kitten as well as nature's instinct "raw boost" to add some variety. His foster ferrents told him that maybe he could ask for something that is not food, however Gizmo said "but isn't Christmas time a time for eating?" and we guess that he does have a point there...
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We are located in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Our permanent fosters are long term residents and are not adoptable due to behaviour or health concerns. Adoptable ferrets are looking for their forever homes and those in rehabilitation will be looking for their forever homes once their rehabilitation is complete.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Bonafine
College Heights Vet
5129 Domano Boulevard
Prince George British Columbia Canada V2N 5E1
All donations to vet care are placed in our account at College Heights Vet and can be earmarked for either general vet care for any surrenders and wards or for a specific ferret in our care.

Gizmo has a Santa.


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