Kane Kane came to us a few years ago when he was abandoned at the shelter by his owner who brought him and his siblings in for boarding and never came back. He is 9 years old now and is the last of the 6 that were abandoned. He got his des implant this year to treat his adrenal disease and gets Medrol to treat his insulinoma. He now has cataracts that limit his vision. He is a man of routine. Every morning he gets up and comes out to have homemade chicken soup while his shelter mom gets ready for work. Then he gets several bowls though out the day to keep his belly full. On a good day he likes to gum on an N-Bone treat. Being an old man he loves to sleep a lot and loves his snuggly sleeping bag or big soft shoe. When in his cage he still loves to get in his big bowl hammy or split top hammy. He goes through a lot of potty pads because he says he don't need no stinkin' litter box!
Kane's needs are few. Donations for his continuing medical care are always appreciated. Kane likes homemade chicken soup so a gift card for Wal-Mart or Krogers is always good to buy fresh chicken and livers. Kibble for soup is Wellness Core Grain Free Feline, Natures Variety Instinct Rabbit and Orijen Cat & Kitten. A bag of N Bones would be a nice treat. A child sized sleeping bag is one his favorite sleeping spots. I know he would enjoy a new one.
Kane lives with his shelter mom in Indiana and you may send his presents to him there. 236 South 4th St Rd, Seymour, Indiana 47274
Thank you for considering our handsome boy Kane this Christmas!
Please Send Gifts to:
Kentuckiana Ferret Haven, Inc.
Previously known as The Ferret Haven.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Lee Hankins
Springhurst Animal Hospital
9909 Brownsboro Road
Louisville Kentucky USA 40241
Takes debit and credit payments to account.

Kane has a Santa.


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