Becka Meet Becka. She has been in and out here for a couple of years. She first travelled to us from near Chicago with her brother, she was a bit ill and stressed in the beginning and her lymph nodes were swollen causing some worry. Then once she was healthy, being a younger ferret (between 2 & 3 ) was able to be adopted. Unfortunately finances and medical problems ensued for her adopted family and she once again found herself returned to the shelter. Older now, though honestly quite healthy I decided to keep her here and not stress her by trying a new home. Her only difference is her fur which has lightened a bunch over the years. Once more of sable roan color, she is now mostly white, with hints of silver and brown, It is a beautiful coat, thick and full ready for winter. Playful, curious and a great climber she tries to rule the playroom. Quite good at squeezing her little body into the smallest places she manages to escape from quite a few cages! She also will take a leap of faith to get anywhere she wants to go, and generally she makes it, from cage to furniture, shelves and even over baby gates at times. Play, play play is her motto, loving the ball and rice bins, tubes and tunnels. She also eats almost any treat, n-bones, chewweazels, foamy fries, bandits, she loves them all!

Thank you so much for looking at the ferrets here and on the Giving Tree in general. Your love, care and assistance helps get us, both ferrets and shelter operators, through the dark sad days and helps us to remember that there are people who truly do care.
We try very hard to provide a forever home to aged, ill, neglected and unwanted ferrets, while adopting out younger ferrets to new, and hopefully forever homes. We also attempt to provide support and education to the local ferret community as much as possible.

Things that the shelter can use the most:
Natures Miracle
laundry detergent
paper towels
Sun & Earth Citrus cleaner, or other safe cleaners
chicken & turkey baby food

Totally Ferret food or a credit to our Totally Ferret account
Zupreem ferret food
Marshalls food
Ensure vanilla
Potty pads
Carnivore Care

Melatonin implants
1cc syringes

Gift Cards:
Lowes or Menards for wood stove pellets
Pet Supplies Plus
Ferret Depot
Money to our vet is also extremely needed, as we have to keep our bill at a minimum and it now has to be completely paid off by the end of each year, which is something new that our Vet Clinic Manager has recently informed us of.
Please Send Gifts to:
Forget-Me-Not-Ferrets of Quincy, IL
no website, find us on Facebook under Forget-Me-Not-Ferrets of Quincy, Il
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Sue Sculley
Klingele Veterinary Clinic
4601 Broadway
Quincy IL USA 62305

Becka has a Santa.


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