Breeze Breeze came to us with her sister a couple of years ago. Due to health reasons, Breeze with her sister became a permanent fosters. Sadly, Breeze lost her sister last Christmas, so this is her first Christmas without her. For Christmas Breeze would appreciate some tennis balls. She especially LOVES those fun shaped mini kong tennis balls, and since the foster family's dog chewed up her neat shaped one, she would really like a new one. Breeze would also like some ferret treats - she enjoys n-bones and chicken flavoured bandit treats and Grizzly's salmon oil. Breeze tells me that her foster family might also appreciate a donation of kibble because she guesses that she eats some of that too. She eats Orijen, Go! Fit and Free and EVO cat and ferret foods.
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferrets North Information & Rescue Society
Santas: please contact us for the address of your chosen ferret's foster home.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Bonafine
College Heights Vet Clinic
5129 Domano Blvd
Prince George British Columbia Canada
Donations to ferret vet bills can be made directly to our account (under FERRETS NORTH) at the vet. 1(778) 416-7387

Breeze has a Santa.


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