Anya I'm Anya. I'm a little old adrenal lady. I still have a lot of get up and go though. I love soupie, nbones and warm cuddly sleep sacks.
We can always use Totally Ferret, 8n1 Ultra, Zupreem, Marshalls,Ferretone,NBones and freeze dried chicken. The shelter mommy can always use gift cards to CVS (for our pred), Home Depot/Lowes (pellets) or any petstore. Also, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.

Donations can also be made to Boiling Springs Animal Hospital; the account is simply under the ferret club.

Thank You for taking the time to look at us.
Please Send Gifts to:
Forget-Me-Not Ferret Rescue - Enola, PA
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Pitelli/Dr Purcell
Boiling Springs Animal Hospital
550 Park Dr
Boiling Springs PA USA

Anya has a Santa.


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