Bear Bear is our youngest resident but probably our biggest.

This BIG exuberant boy is full of energy but willing to stop (briefly) for a cuddle and a belly rub.

Bear is a happy guy - he loves everything - he loves his little sister Panda, he loves the other ferrets at the shelter he can run and play with. He loves his treats (N'Bones) and his rice box but most especially Bear loves balls and toys with bells and rattles in them - loves them with with a fur standing on end, feet spring loaded jumping for joy kind of love.

If Santa put just a few of those in Bear's Christmas stocking he would be excited beyond measure.
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa
Shelter paypal is

Like most shelters our bigget expense is our vet bills but of course gift cards or gifts of supplies are always welcome and help keep our ferrets comfortable.

A lot of our shelter kids bedding is getting older and showing signs of wear. Shelf and ramp covers are especially welcome.

Please if mailing gifts send to FRSO c/o Lisa Galarneau
6722B Jeanne D'Arc Blvd.
Orleans Ontario
K1C 6E9

This way gifts will not be delayed until someone gets to our Post Office Box.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Daren Auger
Carling Animal Hospital
2268 Carling Avenue
Ottawa Ontario Canada K2B 7G1
Carling Animal Hospital will accept donations via credit card to the Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa\'s account.

Bear has a Santa.


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