Spaz Spaz lives up to his name! He’s a ‘wild & crazy guy’! He’s also a big boy & doesn’t realize his own strength. Playing to him is often interpreted as Attack Mode by his other play buddies. He also likes to ‘kiss the girls and make them cry’! Poor little Pixie often gets most of his affections - feelings not returned. It’s all in fun to Spaz. Another love of his is TREATS! He will follow you anywhere for a bandit or chicken stick.
Spaz would like you to be his Santa… and bring treats...LOL

Wish List: Bandits Treats, Chicken Chew Sticks, Ferretvite, Ferret-Freeway Tubes, Soft Bedding, towels, Ferret Food (Totally Ferret, 8-in-1 Ultimate, 8-in-1 Ultra, Mazuri), Gift cards for ferret goodies or shelter supplies.
Please Send Gifts to:
West Coast Ferrets
Please contact us before sending presents
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Marc Malek
Foothill Farms Veterinary Hospital
4807 Auburn Boulevard
Sacramento CA USA 95841

Spaz has a Santa.


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