Shari I came to the shelter a little over a year ago when a nice woman named Shari picked me up in her front yard. Not knowing how to take care of a ferret she contacted the shelter. I LOVE people, but I don't like other ferrets. Shelter Mommy thinks this is because I was injured. You see- my one eye is missing. No one knows how this happened, but my reaction to other animals is to attack first - I am not going to let anything else happen to me! I love to play with tubes, balls, eggies. I dance, dook, and run through tubes, and I love to be cuddled! Hanging tube beds are my favorite place to sleep, and I will eat any type of food. I love ferretone, and my small plastic Ferret Depot tube. That tube makes the greatest noise when I scratch it and pull on it! I will love and make use of anything you may want to send me.

Shelter Mommy can always use gift cards from stores where she can buy cleaning supplies, ferret food, and wood pellets or yesterday's news litter. Donations to our Veterinary account are also greatly appreciated.

Thank you for looking at me and reading my story.
Please Send Gifts to:
Little Rascals Ferret Rescue Harleysville, PA
Gifts may be sent to Little Rascals Ferret Rescue, c/o Betty Ruth Yerger, Shelter Director, 451 Park Avenue, Harleysville, PA 19438
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Paul Wagner, V.M.D.
Harleysville Veterinary Hospital
391 Main Street
Harleysville PA USA 19438
Donations toward our veterinary bill may be made to Harleysville Veterinary Hospital, Acct. No. 17806, Phone No. 215 256-1761

Shari has a Santa.


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