Fluffy Ginger
Fluffy Ginger I am called Fluffy Ginger because we have another Ginger that lives here, she is not fluffy. I am not as fluffy as I used to be, I have Insulinoma and adrenal disease so my fur is starting to look and feel like the other Ginger..
What I love about living here at the Shelter is I have blankies, toys, treats and food with lots and lots of love. Will you please pick me to be your Christmas giving tree fur kid?

My wish list for Christmas at the Shelter is:


8 in 1 Soft-Moist Advanced Nutrition Diet (Mum uses this for our treats)


Soft blankies for my sleep box/snoopy caves/dens/and tent

Ferret Nation large custom hammocks that Miss Sandy makes special for our horizontal cages she makes them to fit special for us sandyg@ferretsheartnsoul.com

Hanging triangle tent sandyg@ferretsheartnsoul.com
Cozy cave sandyg@ferretsheartnsoul.com
Bench Bunk - Mum tucks the bench bunk on the shelves of our sleep cabinets sandyg@ferretsheartnsoul.com
Hanging Den sandyg@ferretsheartnsoul.com
USPS Address:
PO Box 698
Naples, New York 14512

UPS/FedEx Address
7835 State Route 21
Naples, New York 14512
Please Send Gifts to:
Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue Shelter Inc
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Allen Edwards
Brockport Animal Hospital
6352 Brockport-Spencerport Road
Brockport New York USA 14420

Fluffy Ginger has a Santa.


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