RIKU Riku is our famous poster ferret, surrendered a year and a half ago deathly ill and requiring constant, 24/7 care. After receiving 2 courses of antibiotics, sub-q fluids, force feedings, cold packs day and night to keep his persistent fever down, he slowly made a recovery but then required physical therapy to repair the damage to his muscles from lack of mobility. He made a complete recovery, one year later, and is now able to enjoy life as a ferret! He is housed separately from the other ferrets in a pristine environment but enjoys playtime in the ferrets room with his friends. He will always need to be monitored around the clock, as his diagnosis is still unknown and he could become ill at a moments notice. He loves toys, stuffed animals, and biting his mommy. GO RIKU!
Please Send Gifts to:
Angel Ferret Shelter Services
We are always in need of food (Zupreem, Marshalls Ferret Diet, Blue Wilderness Kitten, and any other ferret friendly diet) and litter (Yesterdays News recycled newspaper), soft ferrets treats, and monetary donations for the purchase of Lupron
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Kimberli Johnson
American Pet Hospital
3879 E. Sunset Road
Las Vegas Nevada United States 89120
Monetary donations are greatly appreciated for Lupron and prednisone. We house many older ferrets with medical issues.

RIKU has a Santa.


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