Micki I just want to say thank you to the nice man and the Hide-E-Hole for saving my life. I was outside for a long time and there were zillions of fleas on me. They bit me and bit me and when I was rescued, shelter mom said I hardly had any blood left. People used to come and look at my white nose and shake their head. It took hours of combing to get most of the fleas off, and the Frontline took care of the rest. I needed lots of meds and good food to get better. It took a long time, but in a month I felt like a new ferret. I met some great new friends at the shelter. It is way nicer here than outside in the cold. I love to dance and play with my friends and now that I have all my blood back, I play longer than most of them!

I love running through tubes, Ferretone, covered hammocks/cubes and small stuffed toys.

Hide-E-Hole Ferret Rescue, Inc.
145 Margaret Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15210

Please do not require a signature for package delivery as shelter mom has to be at work during the day. We have a locking bench where items can be secured. Dr. Wagner requests that monetary donations be sent directly to the shelter because his practice takes a cut. The shelter can always use food (Orijen Cat/Kitten Chicken, EVO Dog Little Bites, EVO Ferret, Wysong Archetype I, Wysong Epigen 90), gift cards for Giant Eagle (to buy paper towels, chicken to make soupies, laundry detergent, bleach, etc.), donations via PayPal (rescue@hide-e-hole.com) and gift cards to Home Depot (where we get the stove pellet fuel we use for litter). We have enough sleep sacks but are low on hammocks and baby blankets (we had some "goat ferrets" here for a while who ate them…we have no idea why the hammocks tasted better than the sleep sacks).
Please Send Gifts to:
Hide-E-Hole Ferret Rescue, Inc.
Please do not require signature as I work during the day. Thanks!
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Robert Wagner
Fox Chapel VCA
1152 Freeport Rd
Pittsburgh PA USA 15238
Vet requests that funds be sent to shelter, since the practice will keep a percentage of the money.

Micki has a Santa.


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