Hope Hope was brought in with Chance. She was starving and in terrible shape. She had an infection in her female area cause by having adrenal and a dirty cage. Today she is a bald but plump girl. She loves to play with anything that makes noise. She is very protective over her cage mate Chance and she is always snuggled up to him. She would love a snuggle cube. Treats are always welcome as far as they are concerned.
Please Send Gifts to:
Ann's Ferret Shelter and Adoption Inc.
We have over 70 ferrets that have insulinoma and/or adrenal
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Brian Biddle
Town and Country Veterinary Clinic
490 Tucker Dr
Maysville Kentucky USA 41056
They will except an over the phone donation when you use your debit or credit card just put it under Ann's Ferret Shelter.

Hope has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


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