OWL - One Without Legs
OWL - One Without Legs OWL is an amazing ferret! He came to the shelter after having had some unknown accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. The previous and surrendering owner provided no explanation for his handicap. OWL is afforded free-roam status, crawling along, dragging his lower limbs. We have built him a ramp to get up the step and a ferret wheelchair "slider" to assist his mobility. He is unable to urinate on his own, and needs to be expressed every 6-8 hours. Despite these challenges, OWL does not know that he is impaired, and loves life!
Please Send Gifts to:
Richmond Ferret Rescue League

19524 Swamp Poodle Lane
Brandy Station, VA 22714
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Michael Zuccaro, D.V.M.
Brook Run Animal Clinic
7416 Brook Road
Richmond VA USA 23227
- OR - Dr. Tom Kawasaki, D.V.M. Old Bridge Veterinary Hospital 3604 Old Bridge Road Woodbridge, VA 22192

OWL - One Without Legs has a Santa.


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