Sophie Psst…. Over here… hi santa… its me…. Sophie. I was very scared when me an my sister Belle gotted broughts to the ferret inn. Everything was different, there was other ferrets and I was pretty hungry. I never eben had the ferretones before. i is feeling much better, eatin good but stil sometimes i get cautious if something is new. i is very happy i has my sister and shelter mom to watch out for me. i even gotted my picture taken for to be a christmas card!

For Christmas, I would really like to have gift certificates for foods, ferretone and my very own bed, hammie or blanket to share with belle. (I never had my own before)

Fanks you very muches for reading abouts me and i hopes you has a super Christmas

The shelter can always use the following items:
Food- Orijen cat and kitten or Nature’s Variety instinct
Salmon oil for hairball prevention
One touch ultra strips
Gift cards for Target for cleaning supplies
Gift cards for or for food
*Credit on our vet account! (account is under ‘The Ferret Inn’)
Carrier no spill cups (revival animal)
PSI Woodworking D50C 4 inch by 50 feet clear flexible dust collection hose- available on
toys from ferret and cat toys
Please Send Gifts to:
The Ferret Inn
We have a lot of older furkids and can always use One touch ultra strips to check glucose and donations to our Vet account.

We are an approved 501 (C) (3) non-profit and have been in operation since 1999. The Ferret Inn specializes in ferret rescue, placement and boarding. Since our inception we have placed over 1000 ferrets. We pride ourselves with the knowledge that our dedicated team of volunteers and board members provide the best possible enrichment program, along with the finest medical care 24 hours a day
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Gold
Chadwell Animal Hospital
3004 Emmorton Road
Abingdon MD USA 21009

Sophie has a Santa.


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