Turbo Dear Santa,
My name is Turbo! Like some of the other kids at the shelter – I came here when my human died – her partner could not care for me and friends but wanted to make sure we would never be separated and would be well cared for so he sent us her to Shelter Mommy.
Rosie went to meet our mommy at the bridge but Cassidy and I are both permanent residents at the “senior home” here at the shelter. We get spoiled and fussed over and we get to do whatever we want to do all day – it is really quite nice.
Santa – I hear maybe that bottle of Ferretone is not bottomless – so if you could bring a spare just in case and maybe some Bandit treats? I know they aren’t good for me but they let me have one every now and again as a special treat – I love them so!
Vet pennies are always welcome – I am 7 and going strong with not a health problem at all – but my poor friend Cassidy has been to the hospital a few times – so I guess vet pennies are good too!
Thanks Santa for thinking of us.
With Love,
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferret rescue Society of Ottawa
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Daren Auger
Carling Animal Hospital
2268 Carling Ave
Ottawa Ontario Canada K2B 7G1
Clinic will accept credit card donations to Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa Account by phone - please ask for Jayne

Turbo has a Santa.


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