Hobo Hobo is a very sweet, gentle, lovable dark sable boy. He is a real cuddler! And although he is only about 2 1/2 years old, he came to us with MANY health issues. When he first came in he had to be hand fed and his sugar was low. He is now eating on his own and is on pred.

We are hoping to one day find a forever home for him, but for right now he is a Foster Home and living a spoiled life.

Christmas Wish List

Totally Ferret (Turkey, Lamb and Venison) food. Totally Ferret Complete food, Petromalt, Lupron injections, Melatonin implants, Deslorelin implants. Some new bedding, soft blankets and toys. Also Gift Cards for places like Walmart, Big Y, Stop and Shop for the chicken for Duck soup, paper towels, bleach and other cleaning supplies.
Please Send Gifts to:
The Educated Ferret Association, Inc.
You can also reach Donna, the Shelter Director at the following email: educatedferret@aol.com
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Janet Edman
Countryside Animal Hospital
172 West State St.
Granby Massachusetts United States 01033
If making a donation directly to the Shelter Vet, please specify that it is for The Educated Ferret Association. Thanks!

Hobo has a Santa.


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