Phyllis Catherine
Phyllis Catherine Phyllis was rescued from a couple of very drunk men that were heavy smokers, living in a small trailer in a trailer park! She had NO food, NO water, and locked in a carrier sized cage with nothing in it!!! It was FILTHY!!! I received a call from a neighbor who was crying, asking me to go there and rescue her. I was there in 15 minutes! As soon as the drunk man opened the door I walked in...grabbed the ferret...walked out!!! I told him if he called the police on me...I would have HIM arrested for animal abuse! She is insulinomic and is unadoptable. She also has AGD and an enlarged spleen. I have NOT put her in a cage since she arrived at our rescue due to how many years I have tried to find where these guys lived! (I had several reports about Phyllis, but could never get anyone to give me her location! Fear of owners!) She is 6 years old and a sweetheart! She has doubled her weight since she arrived in our rescue. She will never see a cage for the rest of her little life!!!! Not after spending 5 years in one without being let out!!!
She would love some Gerber Turkey or Chicken baby food to put her medication in, donations to her veterinarian for her medication's and care. Fleece blankets are what she loves to curl up in...and gift certificates to Ferret Depot for her Zupreem Ferret Food. We Thank You in advance for any donations...
Please Send Gifts to:
Deb's Ferret Rescue & Boarding-
Taking emergency cases only!
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Michael Phelps, DVM
Coit Animal Clinic
1958 Coit Avenue, NE
Grand Rapids MI USA 49505

Phyllis Catherine has a Santa.


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