Malcolm Michael
Malcolm Michael Malcolm came to our rescue just a few weeks ago from Flint, MI, which is on the opposite side of our state. This poor little guy was found in a garbage bag on the side of the road both hungry and trying to keep warm. Someone in the neighborhood called the ASPCA to have it rescued by them, and a man that is NOT a rescue called me due to the fact he could not get any rescue in MI to answer their phone for a couple of days. He knew I I was a long way from him and decided to try and call me. I surprised him that I answered my phone on the first try... I explained I always have since I became a rescue. Why be one if you do not answer your phone.
He was in horrible condition! I had a lot to do for this little guy. He had a serious case of dry skin, AGD, toenails so long they curled, Serious earwax but NO ear mites, no fleas???, bladder infection, teeth gave an age of 4-5 years old, major blackheads on tail, and he was so weak, he could barely walk.
He has now healed in everything but the good 'ol AGD! His strength has gotten a lot better. He is nipping on every item he walks by to investigates what it is, so I try real hard to substitute it with a toy. Nothing holds his interest long due to marching on to the next item...:-)
He Loves fleece blankets, Gerber Turkey or Chicken baby food for medications and treats, along with ferretone and gift certificates to Ferret Depot for Zupreem Ferret Food. Donations to our vet would also be a great help.
Please Send Gifts to:
Deb's Ferret Rescue & Boarding-
Taking emergency cases only!
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Michael Phelps, DVM
Coit Animal Clinic
1958 Coit Avenue, NE
Grand Rapids MI USA 49505

Malcolm Michael has a Santa.


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