Timothy John
Timothy John Timothy John came to us from a man who called us from Allendale, MI. He said he found him outside of the company he worked at and knew that it was a ferret, but did not know anything about them. He called us to get some information about what to do with him. He was loaded with fleas, ticks, earmites and had a broken top left fang tooth. All I could think was to get there ASAP!!! He was keeping him in a barrel and had NO idea what to do with a ferret! He just knew that it was not a wild animal due to how well it acted with him. I lived so far from him (2 hours or more) that I asked him if he had any cat food to give him with water in a ceramic bowl. Yup! I guess him to be appx. 5 years old. (He is now appx. 6 yrs old) He arrived here on 6-29-2012.
He loves fleece blankets, Ferretone, Gerber Turkey or Chicken baby food for treats and gift certificates to Ferret Depot for their Zupreem Ferret Food. Donations to our veterinarian would also be greatly, appreciated.
Please Send Gifts to:
Deb's Ferret Rescue & Boarding-
Taking emergency cases only!
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Michael Phelps, DVM
Coit Animal Clinic
1958 Coit Avenue, NE
Grand Rapids MI USA 49505

Timothy John has a Santa.


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