Honeybear (still naughty)
Honeybear (still naughty) Yeah, she's getting old but she's still doing her best to make Santa's naughty list. Honeybear's favorite game is beating up ferrets she doesn't know. Her favorite toy is whatever she's not supposed to have. Her favorite place to go is the forbidden room, and her favorite place to sleep (other than her Tower of Fun) is wherever I'll go crazy trying to find her. She can no longer make her way onto the top of a floor lamp, but she still climbs the cage on occasion.

Honeybear usually prefers to sleep in hammocks when she's in her cage, but she also likes cups and sacks. She enjoys most treats, especially N Bones and ferretone. She cycles through toys including crinkle sacks, tunnels, crocheted eggs, or stuffies. No one thing holds her attention for long but she loves new things. Honeybear currently does not have any health problems.

Suki loves to climb. Her favorite place to sleep is either on top of her Ferret Nation cage or way up inside her Tower of Fun. Inside her cage, she enjoys hanging tubes or pocket hammies. When she plays with toys, she likes tunnels and the occasional stuffie or crocheted egg. She loves hiding places and ferretone. She's a happy girl with no current medical issues.

The shelter could use anything a Santa might care to send, but especially:
Food (donations to our Totally Ferret account or a gift certificate to an on-line ferret store such as ferret.com )
Vet donations
Walmart cards (for prescriptions, baby food, litter, etc.)

Dear Santa, thanks for reading about this bad girl. (Honeybear wants you to remember that naughty girls need love too.)
Please Send Gifts to:
Rezweezil Ferret Shelter

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Kimberli Johnson
Grateful Pet
707 Canyon Rd.
Boulder City NV USA 89005

Honeybear (still naughty) has a Santa.


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