Brutus Hi. I am Brutus. I came to the rescue about two years ago. I was living in the back of a pet store that was closing and being used for breeding. I had no water and only dry corn to eat. When I came to the rescue I was very stinky and very afraid of people as the ones I knew at the store teased me and bashed on the cage. My foster mom taught me to trust people and how to play with other ferrets. I waited a year and a half looking for a forever home. During that time I because very goo friends with the permanent residents at the rescue. Many people thought I was very sweet and hansom, but they didn't like that I am nearly blind and can still skunk. The rescue decided that I couldn't stay along any longer and let me join five of the other permanent residents. I love my house buddies and am so happy to be with them. We love to hide and snuggle together. As you may imagine, we need large hammocks. I'd love to try snuggling in a wonton or barrel like the ones sold by Crafty Weasels.

Thank you for listening to my story.

Here is a list of things that our shelter needs your help with.

Gift cards to Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow to help provide us with a balanced raw diet.

Gift Cards to Tractor Supply to help buy litter.

Dry foods we eat are Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken, Duck, or Rabbit; Wellness Core Original Grain Free Cat; Orijen Grain Free Cat; and Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 Digestive Support; gift cards to Pet Smart or Pet Supermarket would help us buy these.

Walmart Gift Card for Baby Playpen sheets (great covers for Ferret Nation trays)

Crochet toys, Salmon Oil (hare today, gone tomorrow), baby playpen sheets, and other fleece bedding are appreciated.
Please Send Gifts to:
Navarre Ferret Rescue
We are a group of foster homes. we do not have a store front.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dyson
St. Francis Vet Clinic
1856 Cotton Bay Ln.
Navarre Fl USA 32566
Exotic Vet

Brutus has a Santa.


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