Bobby Bobby here is a 3-legged boy and always sleeps with his tongue hanging out. He needs some dental work done and he is hoping we can get enough money to get this done soon. Bobby just lost his cage mate and buddy name Bonkie a couple of months ago and really hasn't been the same. Maybe getting all fixed up might help him not only start feeling better, but get him back into his playful self. He would love to get his favorite treats which are N-Bones and Foamy Fries. If anyne would like to help him with his vet bill, he sure would like that. Oh yea, he loves his Micky Mouse stuffy toy too. Any money can be donated to the Lyons Veterinary Hospital, 5782 W.Sunset Ave., Springdale, Arkansas 72762, Dr Brad Lyon.
Please Send Gifts to:
Arkansas Ferret Rescue 4 Hospice and Sp Needs
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Brad Lyons
Lyons Animal Hospital
5782 W Sunset
Springdale AR U.S.A. 72762

Bobby has a Santa.


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