Mayo Hi My name is Mayo! I'm the perfect condiment to go with your family sandwich. I'm a five year old little mink and share my cage with another spicy fuzzie named Pepper. I cannot hear a thing, but I feel good vibrations. I am into yoga and spend my free time reaching through my cage bars like a ballerina looking adorable until someone lets me out. On my social days I love to come out and play with friends...BUT I have my anti-social days too, then it's best to leave me be alone. I am all white and pure as the fresh falling snow...If your dreaming of a white Christmas, send some treats my way, and with you, in your dreams, I will play!

Wish List: Bandits Treats, Chicken N-Bone Chew Sticks, FerretVite, Ferret Food (Totally Ferret, 8-in-1 Ultimate, Marshalls Chicken Ferret Diet), Carnivore Care, Hills AD Canned, Ferret Play Tunnels, Hammocks, Towels or Gift Cards for ferret or shelter supplies.
Please Send Gifts to:
West Coast Ferrets
Mail Attn: Debby c/o West Coast Ferret Rescue
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Marc Malek
Foothill Farms
4325 Auburn Blvd
Sacramento CA USA 95841

Mayo has a Santa.


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