Dook Hi My name is Dook. I think they mis-spelled my name...I am "The Duke" and I'm a three year old true gentleman. I have the privilege of sharing my cage with princess Elsa. You all know how frosty she can be so I like to cuddle and warm her heart. I'm not at my best these days...I recently received an deslorin implant to treat my adrenal disease and my fur is a little thin. I will ask the princess to marry me in the Spring when my fur is full and handsome. In the meantime...I would love some special treats from Santa to woo Elsa with before I ask her paw in marriage. Please be my secret Santa and help me win my girl!

Wish List: Bandits Treats, Chicken N-Bone Chew Sticks, FerretVite, Ferret Food (Totally Ferret, 8-in-1 Ultimate, Marshalls Chicken Ferret Diet), Carnivore Care, Hills AD Canned, Ferret Play Tunnels, Hammocks, Towels or Gift Cards for ferret or shelter supplies.
Please Send Gifts to:
West Coast Ferrets
Mail Attn: Debby c/o West Coast Ferret Rescue
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Marc Malek
Foothill Farms
4325 Auburn Blvd
Sacramento CA USA 95841

Dook has a Santa.


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