Mason Mason is 8 yrs old, and he had a tumor behind his eye and had to have his eye removed. He also has adrenal disease and needs melatonin implants. He's such an old boy, and I just know this may be his last Christmas with us. He is more a people ferret. He needs some people/puppy pads and cotton balls. He doesn't play with toys much, but he sure does like to snuggle up in his Alligator Toy Sleep Sack and he really needs a new one. He also enjoys the Fish Sleep Sacks. He eats A/D canned, turkey meat baby food, and sweet potato baby food.
Please Send Gifts to:
Arkansas Ferret Rescue 4 Hospice and Sp Needs
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Brad Lyons
Lyons Animal Hospital
5782 W Sunset
Springdale AR U.S.A. 72762

Mason has a Santa.


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