Meeka Hi! My name is Meeka and I am around 2 or 3 years old. I've only been in the rescue for about a month now. My brother Otis and I were left behind abandoned in a house when our family got kicked out. The landlord call shelter mama and quickly made arrangements to come pick us up.

I'm a cute little girl with an attitude. I bite! I made that known the very first time shelter mama went to pick me up. I did get very sad when I first got here and I stopped eating on my own for two weeks. Shelter mom kept making me eat some weird soft mixture of food. I eventually realized she would keep doing this till I started eating on my own again so I decided to start cooperating. So I made it it known that I was feeling better and started muching on my kibble again and then I proceeded to bite shelter mama again. :) She doesnt seem to mind though. So I will have to think of other ways to get back at her for making me eat when I didn't want to. I enjoy peanut butter treat and 8in1 soft and moist. I love sleep sacks.

DOOKS and SMOOCHIES or bites to everyone!

Here is a list of things that shelter mama uses for me and my shelter siblings.


8 in 1 Ultimate
Totally Ferret Active
Instinct turkey or duck dry
Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 Ferret Food
Blue Buffalo Wilderness chicken or duck
Stella and Chewys Freeze dried duck or turkey
8 in 1 ultra blend
EVO CAT Turkey (purple bag)
Gerber chicken or turkey and gravy
Beachnut chicken or turkey and gravy


Chicken or turkey and Gravy baby food
8 in 1 FerreTone
8 in 1 FerretVite
Peanut Butter Bandits
Chicken Bandits
Ferret Derm Liquid Supplement
Poopin Pumpkin (google it)

Cloth like shower curtains (hung around cages)
syringes for hand feedings and medications
New wheels for 6 ferret nation cages
Litter (Wood stove pellets)
Yesterdays News Or something similar to it.

Gift Cards to buy the above
Tractor Supplies
Pet Supplies Plus

And lastly but not least... Vet funds!
Gift certificates may be purchased from our vet and sent to us. Just call and tell them you would like to buy a gift certificate for Healing Hearts Ferret Rescue or put funds directly on to the shelter account.

MetroPet Veterinary Clinic
298 N. Rocky River Dr.
Berea, OH 44017

A note from shelter mom...

On July 10th of this year our shelter and home got hit hard by a flood. Approximately 10 inches of sewer water invaded the whole house. We lost a lot. But with time, patience, and great friends things have slowly started to come together. The new ferret room is ready for all the ferrets that are in foster homes to finally come back to the rescue and slowly little by little they are coming back. We couldn't do everything we wanted to the new room as we ran out of money but what has been done has made a beautiful ferret room. The above list is things we need to operate on a daily basis. We still need hammocks and sleep sacks and various other items.
On the day of the flood we evacuated 35 shelter ferrets, 4 border ferrets, 5 personnel ferrets and our 2 dogs. Everyone was safe and sound that day. Within 24 hours all the ferrets were placed in temporary foster homes but not all will come back to their shelter home. Some of the foster parents have decided they want to keep their foster kids and permanently adopt them or continue to foster them and that is WONDERFUL! In the weeks and months following the flood we lost some due to stress and old age. I do blame the flood for these loses as they may have not happened if the furkids didn't stress from having to be moved. May Maxwell, Sazah, Gizzy, Minkerton, Scooter3, Trouble, and Sugar DIP and fly high above amongst the rainbows and stars. Also one of our shelter kids went missing while in fostercare. We pray each day that sweet Abby will be found and returned safe and sound.

Thank you also goes out to ALL the foster parents for opening your homes and hearts to me and our Healing Hearts shelter kids. You all have gone above and beyond in helping us. Thank you also goes out to the ferret people who helped the rescue and my family right after the flood with donations, cleaning supplies, ferret food, and manual labor.

The word thank you just doesn't seem enough. The gratitude and appreciation I have for everyone that helped goes way deeper than a mere thank you. There are no words to describe. So a simple thank you is all I can say.

During the months that followed the flood we still did our best to keep rescuing ferrets that needed a place to go. Our number of shelter kids actually grew and we are now at 51 total in house and foster homes combined.

We are forever grateful for the Giving Tree and those who choose to adopt our shelter kids for the holiday season!
Please Send Gifts to:
Healing hearts Ferret Rescue

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Alice Toriello
MetroPet Veterinary Clinic
298 North Rocky River Drive Berea
Berea Ohio United States 44017

Meeka has a Santa.


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