Jeffy Jeffy is about 7 years old. His former owners loved him very much but they could not keep him when they moved to a new apartment. Shortly after Jeffy came to FURS he became depressed and wouldn’t eat or drink water. In fact for almost three weeks his foster mom had to syringe feed him crushed up food mixed with water just to keep him alive. Jeffys foster mom tried over twenty different ferret and cat foods with him. Still he would not eat. Jeffy saw our vet to see if there was any physical issues preventing him from eating but nothing was found. The vet put him on an appetite stimulant and Pepcid in case his stomach was upset, still he wouldn’t eat. Thinking maybe he wanted the company of other ferrets, his foster mom tried him with some of her most docile ferrets. Jeffy was scared and lashed out at them. From then on Jeffy would have his own cage away from other ferrets.
One night Jeffy went over to his foster moms’ cat food bowl and started eating it. The food she feeds her cats is all natural, grain free, holistic, high protein food! This was a food that was offered to Jeffy many times and he refused. Jeffy ate this food for at least 15 minutes straight. Jeffy continues to eat this food, he has gained weight, his skin and coat are much improved , he no longer has stomach issues and most of all he has energy! He even plays now!
Jeffy loves crinkly tunnels and toys. He is very picky with food and treats, the only treat he likes is Yogies Peanut butter ferret treats and boy does he LOVE them!!
The food he eats is called Natures Select. You can only buy it from their website. It is delivered right to the foster homes doorstep.
**We use Yesterdays News Fresh Scent cat litter and Marshalls ferret litter.
Marshalls “GoodBye Odor” for ferrets.
Probiotics for ferrets such as Marshalls or Poopin Pumpkin.
Paper towels and disinfectant wipes.
We can always use donations in the form of gift cards to pet stores for picky eaters or supplements for all our special needs ferrets.
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferrets Unlimited Rescue Services
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Krupka
Avon Lake Animal Clinic
124 Miller Rd
Avon Lake Ohio United States 44012

Jeffy has a Santa.


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