Baby Lucy
Baby Lucy Baby Lucy is an 11 month old blind female sable ferret.

Baby Lucy was left in the back of a pet store for much of her life being she was unsellable. She has physiological trauma from being confined with likely more aggressive ferrets and people now knowing what to do with her. Baby Lucy startles very easy from a variety of normal sounds.

Baby Lucy enjoys chicken baby food and flax oil. She also likes ferretone in her water. She has variety of baby toys which seem to comfort her also. Baby Lucy is very scared of other ferrets and is just learning how to be a ferret herself. She is a very gentle ferret and is satisfied to just sleep a lot or be held for hours at a time. It is amazing to be able to cuddle such a sweet ferret for lengthy periods of time.

Baby Lucy does require a lot of special care and attention. Since she is blind, she often walks through her dirty litter and requires daily cleaning.

Baby Lucy would love gift certificates to WalMart so her foster family can get the chicken baby food she loves. She also would benefit from a free standing hammock close to the floor, some nice soft blankets to snuggle up in and of course what ferret doesn't love ferretone?
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferret Rescue & Education Society
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Kimura and Associates
McKnight 24 Veterinary Hospital

Calgary Alberta Canada

Baby Lucy has a Santa.


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