SASHAY Sashay gets her name from a song by a refional band here in Louisiana named Leroux, called New Orleans Ladies.

Sashay was found by me a few months ago while I was in new orleans. I went to visit my friend and when I left her house saw several large dogs in a circle in the corner of her parking lot. As I drove closer, I saw them all leap back in shock and pain, and yelp and scatter like a chinese fire drill. There in the corner of the parking lot was a skinny little female ferret with a mouthful of German Shepherd.

She was not even a little bit impressed by all those big dumbass dogs who wanted to eat her, and she was so hungry, she looked at them like a take out order from "Dogs R Us".

I picked her up, and she was filthy and malnourished, but friendly, and very happy to have a human hold her again. She helped me drive the hour or so back to Baton Rouge (she would not chip in for gas however) and I have been nursing her back to health while trying to find her owner. So far, no one has claimed her, so she will be going up for adoption before long (probably not, I don't think I can separate her and Atlas) possibly......
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