Pepe Pepe came to us in October of 2014 having been dumped off at a humane society several towns away, without so much as a name. He is a very senior little fellow with several health problems. Unfortunately our poor Pepe is unable to generate red blood cells so we have to be very careful and our vet is hesitant to take blood due to the chance he may not survive it. He has become adrenal and has cataracts. That being said, he loves to run around, eats great, loves his soup, and most of all loves to be snuggled. If he isn't snuggled with humans he typically hides away in the thickest warmest blanket he can find by himself... That is until Winnie and Phena find him to cuddle up.
Please Send Gifts to:
I Am Ferret
We have an Amazon Wish List up at if you need ideas for gifts for our fuzzies...
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dianne Barr
Parkville Heights Animal Hostpital
8830 NW 63rd Street
Parkville MO USA 64152

Pepe has a Santa.


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