Clyde My name is Clyde. My two brothers and myself just recently joined our new family at Wixom Weezels. We're the new BIG boys. My brothers and I love to chase each other in and out of tubes/tunnels, we love to wrestle and we love to stash fuzzy toys.

My mommy says that we're really hard on tubes/tunnels and could sure use a new one. She also said that what we really need is blankets/beds/hammies (Ferret Nation cages), or gift cards (Meijers, Visa, WalMart, etc.) to get food, litter, baby food, etc. Daddy says what we really need is a Santa to contribute to our Vet (especially when the round of rabies shots and implants are set to begin again).

All my brothers, sisters, auntie, ferrants and I say that anything you can send will be more than welcomed and appreciated - and - we all thank all you Santas for all you do for us shelter babies.
Please Send Gifts to:
Wixom Weezels
We are a shelter, sanctuary, rescue and hospice. Once a ferret enters our door, they\'re here until they travel to the Rainbow Bridge.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Jennifer Hynes
Countryside Veterinary Hospitals, Inc.
2745 Grand Rive
Howell Michigan USA 48843

Clyde has a Santa.


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