Willow Hello Everyone,

My name is Willow. The Shelter named me that because Willows bend but they do not break.

It's my back. Although it's not broken, it was injured so bad that I will never use my back legs to walk or run on all 4 like other ferrets. But, Foster Mom says if I could that she would never be able to catch me cause I am so fast just the way I am. Hee Hee

You see, when I was just a tiny baby and still at the pet store I nipped a guy that worked there and he up and threw me against a wall so hard. It hurt for awhile, but then after a lot of love it quit hurting. I think it is because of all the love I got, don't you? I heard the store people talking and they wanted to put me to sleep. I kept telling them that I wasn't sleepy yet but they couldn't seem to understand me. Well, one of HOFA's Foster Parents was there and did understand and he convinced them to let him take me to HOFA to take care of and have as full a life as possible.

So, here I am. I have made so many new friends that I get to live with and play with. And guess what? Even if I forget my manners and nip these people, they just say no-no but don't hurt me. I'm sooo happy here.

Well Foster Mom is saying to get on with it and to stop rattling on. So this is what I would really like to have for Christmas.

Well, I can always use more bedding and blankies. I cuddle up in them because I can't get into a hammock. Oh, and Puppy Pads are great. I try really really hard to make it to my potty box but sometimes I just can't get there in time. It would really come in handy if they just made pull ups for ferrets. Don't ya think?

I also really love those N-Bone thingies. They taste so good and I heard they are even good for my teeth too.

Oh, and I love to roll around plastic eggs. Not crocheted. Just plain eggs, They roll so funny and are fun to chase around.

Well, I guess that's about it. Oh, I almost forgot. Me and the gang just love that Ferretone stuff. We like Ferretvite too but Foster Mom says we can't have too much of that at one time.

Ok, Now that was really all.

I hope you have as very wonderful Christmas as I am going to have, just knowing that I am loved is the best gift of all.

Have a very Merry Christmas

& A Happy New Year too!


Please Send Gifts to:
(HOFA) Heart of Ohio Ferret Assoc. & Rescue
Please send your thoughtful gifts to:
c/o Pat Highley
5519 Columbus Road
Centerburg, Ohio 43011
She is our Shelter Director and will see that all your gifts go to the proper ferret.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dan Beer
Care Pet Clinic
785 E. Main Street
Columbus Ohio USA 43205
Please Be sure you write down which ferret the donation is for or if it is a general donation to help cover our vet bills. Also please put Attn: Tammy Homish on the envelope. She is our Hospice Foster Mom and will make sure it goes to the proper place.

Willow has a Santa.


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