Pepper My name is Pepper. As you can see, I love to explore and get into everything (Mommy says, especially into things I shouldn't get into). I, personally, like to nip toes. My sisters and I love to stash just about anything we can find.

My mommy says that we can never have enough small toys to stash. She also said that what we really need is blankets/beds/hammies (Ferret Nation cages), or gift cards (Meijers, Visa, WalMart, etc.) to get food, litter, baby food, etc. Daddy says what we really need is a Santa to contribute to our Vet (especially when the round of rabies shots and implants are set to begin again).

All my brothers, sisters, auntie, ferrants and I say that anything you can send will be more than welcomed and appreciated - and - we all thank all you Santas for all you do for us shelter babies.
Please Send Gifts to:
Wixom Weezels
We are a shelter, sanctuary, rescue and hospice. Once a ferret enters our door, they\'re here until they travel to the Rainbow Bridge.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Jennifer Hynes
Countryside Veterinary Hospitals, Inc.
2745 Grand Rive
Howell Michigan USA 48843

Pepper has a Santa.


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