Puddin' Hi Everyone,

My name is Puddin. I was a very scared ferret when my Foster Mommy first rescued me. I am still very afraid of all the other ferrets but I love to play with my Foster Mom and Pop. I was a really bad biter from being so scared of everyone at first. Now, although I try to remember that I am loved now and I am not going to be hurt or neglected anymore, I still get excited sometimes and forget. I would really like (even though it tastes terrible) a bottle of the stuff called Bitter Apple or Yuk. I think just the smell of it would help me to remember, because I really don't want to forget and bite my wonderful foster parents who love me.

Foster Mom said that I should try to think of some things that I would really like to have and could use for Christmas.
I really love treats with Ferretone in them. I love chicken too. My foster mom is still trying to turn me into the Butter Ball that I should be and is trying to get as much chicken mush as possible in me, A gift certificate would be nice so that she could go to the store and buy me some chicken for it would be nice.

When I was rescued the hammy that I had to sleep in was in very torn and in very bad shape, it was too bad for any kind of repair so one of the other ferrets said that I could borrow one to use until I could maybe get my very own to cuddle up in. (If I could get a very thick and soft one to cuddle up and stay warm in, it would be great)
Also if it's possible I would love to have some balls and other toys that make noise. I would share them with the others here since they have been so very very nice to me.
Whatever you could send, I am sure I will love it.

Just knowing that someone out there would care enough to even send me anything to open Christmas morning is the greatest gift of all. And whoever you will be, I love you so very much for it.

I hope you have as very Merry and Wonderful Christmas as I am going to have just knowing someone loves me now.

Thank you and God Bless,
Please Send Gifts to:
(HOFA) Heart of Ohio Ferret Assoc. & Rescue
Please send your thoughtful gifts to:
c/o Pat Highley
5519 Columbus Road
Centerburg, Ohio 43011
She is our Shelter Director and will see that all your gifts go to the proper ferret.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dan Beer
Care Pet Clinic
785 E. Main Street
Columbus Ohio USA 43205
Please Be sure you write down which ferret the donation is for or if it is a general donation to help cover our vet bills. Also please put Attn: Tammy Homish on the envelope. She is our Hospice Foster Mom and will make sure it goes to the proper place.

Puddin' has a Santa.


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