Thor and Sif
Thor and Sif Hi there, it's Thor and Sif here. We have been in the shelter for nearly 2 years now. We are fun and nice ferrets but were not trained as kits so now we are a little rowdy, which makes us hard to adopt. We had a home for a brief period but Sif's rambunctiousness was too much to handle and we came back to the rescue. Luckily for us, our foster daddy has tons of patience and lots of love for us and is happy to keep us even if the right home never comes along- this is our home. Getting some nice gifts would really lift our spirits- we like Ferretone and Bandit treats. We would also like to get some more snuggly blankets and sleep sacks, and maybe a hammock big enough for us to cuddle in. We would also like some little ferrety toys to hide around dad's house. And some puppy training pads and paper towels to help dad out with our potty accidents.
Please Send Gifts to:
Heart of Ohio Ferret Association
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dan Beer
Care Pet Clinic

Columbus Ohio

Thor and Sif has a Santa.


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