Willow Hi my name is Willow. Unlike all of the other old hospice ferrets, I came to the rescue as a baby. See I was a pet store ferret and some of the workers didn't know how to handle ferrets. I was just bored of being cooped up and excited to get out and play so when one worker reached in, I chomped down on his hand. He flung me against a wall to get me off him, and that broke my back. They were going to put me to sleep but luckily one of the foster dads swooped in and brought me to the rescue, knowing that they could help me, that I had too much life left to live. They didn't know that I would ever be able to walk or use a litter box or play like a normal ferret but I wanted to try- so they named me Willow, because like the tree I could bend without breaking. Against all odds, and with a lot of love and patience I started regaining my mobility. I still have challenges but I'm worlds away from the little ferret that used to drag her back legs around. And boy is my hospice mom glad that I came to her and didn't die that day because I'm a crazy little girl- I love running and tumbling and climbing even! I love mom and follow her around all over and even have a best pal here, Chyna, who I'm very protective over.

For Christmas I would like some new snuggly hammocks, blankets, and beds for me and Chyna to cuddle in. I love those N-bones treats and ferretone. And maybe some stuffy toys for us to wrestle over. Oh, and if you could also get some potty training pads for mom to use- I'm not quite perfect with my accidents yet- that would be swell!
Please Send Gifts to:
Heart of Ohio Ferret Association
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dan Beer
Care Pet Clinic

Columbus Ohio

Willow has a Santa.


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