Stubby Stubby is almost 8 years old and has lived here for some time now. Stubby is missing his back paws. I can only explain by saying he came from someone who was breeding a bunch of ferrets. Stubby has been missing his back paws since he was a baby and it doesnít stop him at anything. Stubby bit, didnít like people well and for sure didnít want you to pick him up a lot. Stubby out grew that and now heís a very friendly ferret. Stubby came down with insulinoma this last year and is on medications, which he does well from. Stubby likes to hide all toys he encounters and put them in his bed to. Stubby can climb well even though he doesnít have back paws. He doesnít let any obstacles get in his way. Stubbyís favorite treat is chew weasels and hides those as well. Stubby would enjoy anything offered to him to make him feel at home and loved.

Please Send Gifts to:
Ferret City Shelter And Rescue
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Williams
Parker Way Vet Clinic
1515 Parker Way
Mount Vernon Wa United States 98273
Have two vets: Dr Campbell College Way Animal Hospital 3801 E. College Way Mount Vernon, Wa. 98273

Stubby has a Santa.


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